cross roads

In the heart of Platte River Parkway lies a small network of single track and double track trails weaving in and out of a beautiful paved path along the north shore of the North Platte River. With it’s relatively low elevation and lack of winter shade, these novice trails can be ridden throughout the vast majority of the year. Although they are not the most technical trails in the area, they are excellent for everything from beginners looking to make the move from pavement to dirt, to the expert mountain biker looking for some curvy trails to keep their off season skills honed. Crank out some extra timeĀ on the Platte River Parkway on your way there and home to get those extra miles you may need for the day.


From I-25 take exit 186 an turn north Bryan Stock Trail for approximately one half mile. Take the final left turn before crossing the river into a small parking lot next to the river and paved pathway. From there take the paved Platte River Parkway west along the river bank until you cross the bridge to the north side of the North Platte River. Immediately after the bridge you will find a single track trail on either side of the path, as well as several more intersections as the path continues. All of the single track trails meet back up with the paved trail at some point, so finding your way is very easy, even with no signage. This area has a disc golf course through it and can get very busy with other trail users in peak months, please be courteous and yield to pedestrians and other users.