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CWTA Board Meeting Minutes 12-6-17




CWTA Board Meeting Minutes

December 6th 2017

  • Roll Call
    • Present: Bruce Lamberson, Adam Windel, Adam Arguello, Tyler Patik, Erik Aune, Mike Diesburg, Clint Connor, Ben Smith, Tia Leschin, & Mason Sale
    • Absent: Lauren Griffith and Adam Leiferman
  • Approve previous meeting’s minutes
    • Approved
  • Financials
    • Approved
    • Insurance coming up
      • Attendance record to keep documentation of Board Members as only board members are covered on insurance
    • Dig In Campaign
      • Push $40 to Facebook through end of year
      • Print flyers to shops
      • $1000 goal
      • Put flyers on mountain
    • Map progress and thoughts on map for sale
      • Revert back to some of the original trail names
        • Ridge to to Nelly’s
        • Dungeon to Diesburg’s Dungeon
        • Etc.
      • We will not fund Kiosks without our approval/approach county commissioner to present what we have.
      • Maze trail needs a new name.
      • Intersections numbered, not to be confused with 911 poles
      • Put other trail areas on trial forks
        • Squaw Creek
        • Muddy Mountain
        • Cross Roads
      • Eadsville Grooming
        • Fat bike races approved starting on Dec. 19th, continuing every other Tuesday tentatively in conjunction with the headlamp series, Tia organizing
          • Help build our relationship with the Nordic Club
          • Proceeds from fat bike races go to Nordic Club
        • Grooming Monday
        • Consider Grooming parts of Dungeon and N 40?
        • Group grooming efforts, possibly get group snowshoe hikes going.
      • Winter use signs
        • 4 signs for $100
        • Showing not to hike without snowshoes, right of way, etc.
        • Make a handful of yield signs to put at the Nordic trail crossings
        • Erik to get printed
      • Pump Track Progress
        • BMX still hanging onto it, said to have the money worked out
        • Dropped the idea of paving it
        • Tyler has acquired some plans and met with Erik and the BMX board to discuss possibilities, plotted some dimensions and have a lot of room to work with
        • Clint to measure dirt in parking lot and see if it’s enough and usable
        • CWTA still to help
      • Alcova/Freemont Proposal
        • Proof and discuss again next meeting
        • Everyone put in their thoughts soon so we can submit it.
        • Mason will send out to everyone
      • Discuss Vice President
        • Tia offered and was voted in as vice president
      • Board Member Rolls
        • Tia wants to help with grooming and fat bike races through winter
      • Wyoming Conservation Corp projects
        • Contacted us about a new project
        • Perimeter trail would be a great project to have them tackle
        • Ben to contact
      • Web contact
        • Contacted us about possible trail projects and how he could help
        • Active trail user, knows the community
        • Interested in Wolf Creek area trails, connecting out to Squaw Creek
        • Could be an asset as a board member
      • Future projects
        • Pump track next priority
        • More miles
          • Alcova
          • Connect other trail areas
        • Winter Trails Festival?
          • January 20th
          • Need to start advertising soon.
          • Less than last year, tone it back a bit and start later
          • Start at 1:00 or so, end with beer and bon fire
        • Set approximate meeting date
          • Jan 3rd tentatively

2017 IMBA Dig In Campaign

From massive, multi-use singletrack systems of 20 miles or more to an area’s first-ever bike-only DH trail to high school mountain bike racing courses, these 68 projects will improve communities, change lives and make mountain biking even more awesome.


Central Wyoming Trails Alliance is pleased to announce that we have been selected by the International Mountain Biking Association as a recipient of the 2017 Dig In Campaign. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to get some funds to finally get some maps and signs up at the trail heads and intersections of the Casper Mountain Trails Center. With the full force of IMBA behind us we will conduct a fund raising campaign along with 67 other chapters throughout 30 other states across the country now through the end of the year.

Our chapter will receive 80% of all revenue collected through our chapter’s page, and IMBA will give all chapters that are participating an even amount of the total they make from the campaign on a national level. Many of our members donate their incredibly valuable time and sweat to help get things done on a weekly basis, but now we are asking you to consider donating a little bit of money to help further your efforts. All donations, no matter how big or small, are tax deductible and will go a long way toward helping provide Casper outdoor recreation with a brighter future. Click below for more information or to make a donation!

Dig In!