central wyoming trails ALLIANCE

Central Wyoming Trail Alliance is a grassroots organization dedicated to advocating, improving, and laboring on multi-use trails.

Founded in 2014 the Central Wyoming Trails Alliance has been working with land managers, advocating, and building new trail in the greater Casper area. Our goal is to create a well rounded outdoor community that can have trails that are accessible to all non-motorized user groups. Our efforts continue extend to the education of the community and building relations between different trail users.

The lifeblood of our organization is the outstanding Casper outdoor community and their continued persistence coming and helping dig new trail every week. We have found a very dedicated group of people who are willing to consistently give their free time to help make Casper a better place. If you want more information on getting involved feel free to check our events page for races, trail building dates, and other activities. For the most up to date information on trail building schedules and meeting points find us on Facebook.

If you would like to contribute by making a donation, you can find the link below.


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